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About ACA Online Training

ACA online training allows you to take course without having to travel. ACA online courses are led by qualified instructors. They include lectures, demos, and comprehensive notes ( PDFs available in English)

Our online training courses are self-paced. You will be able to access and work on your course at any time, day or night, any place: at work, home, a coffee shop, etc. from any digital device with internet access and a compatible web browser. You will be able to start and stop at any time. In every class description we include the total time of video per module and lesson.

Questions regarding material found in the online courses should be directed to aca@www.airconacademy.com. Additionally, for some courses/lessons there will be office hours available to contact instructor via email or phone number.

No. The training that you purchase from AirCon Academy is licensed only to you and cannot be shared with others, as per the terms and conditions accepted at the time of registration.

No. ACA training materials included with your online course are for the personal use of the student only. Distribution of AirCon Academy course materials to any individuals other than yourself is a direct violation of AirCon Academy terms and conditions accepted at the time of registration.

Online training certificates are available upon completion of all course lessons up to the expiration of the online access.

No. Purchase of the books is NOT required. You will find the suggested reading list by clicking here. You will receive a link to download the PDF course materials when you register. We request that you print it out before you start the course.

Currently, there is no certification or accreditation process that has been sanctioned by a licensing or certifying body.

Purchasing and Paying for ACA Online Training

We accept payment via VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit cards.

We do offer discounts for large orders of 15 registrations or more. For a quote, please contact us at aca@www.airconacademy.com and let us know which courses you are interested in and how many people you would like to train.

Extensions are available for all of the courses. To extend your existing online training course, please contact us at aca@www.airconacademy.com

At ACA we strive to provide exceptionally affordable program for comprehensive courses. There is no return/refund for online courses. If you are dissatisfied with your online training course for ANY reason, please contact us at aca@www.airconacademy.com

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