HVAC-R Instructor Credentials: Experience Counts

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Credential programs for HVAC-R instructors should give lots of credit to instructors who have experience teaching the subject.

Many HVAC-R instructors have been teaching for years and are very effective. It would be counterproductive to have them meet the same requirements as those with little or no teaching experience. Many HVAC-R instructors learned the trade initially from relatives or from years of hands-on experience or a combination of classes and experience in the field.  They are enthusiastic and have high standards for students, because they take pride in the trade.

We asked Julio Herrera, a co-founder of AirCon Academy  and experienced vocational technical skills instructor for over 30 years, if you can learn HVAC online? “I believe that the online technical skills training schools without walls will provide the opportunity to learn HVAC trade to everyone any place, any time, on any mobile device”.