Suggested Reading

CFC Exam Prep

EPA Certification Exam Preparation Manual.  2006.  7th Edition.  The ESCO Institute.

ISBN:  1-930044-01-1

Air Conditioning

Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.  2017.  Whitman, Johnson, Tomczyk, and Silberstein.  8th Edition.  Cengage Learning.

ISBN 13:  978-1-305-57829-6


Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning for Air Conditioning Technicians.  2010.  Dick Wirz.  2nd Edition.  Cengage Learning.

ISBN:  978-1-4283-3526-4

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps.  2016.  Silberstein.  2nd Edition.  Cengage Learning.

ISBN:  978-1-305-08163-5